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 General Rules of Conduct

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Data de inscrição : 13/08/2007
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MensagemAssunto: General Rules of Conduct   30/6/2011, 20:53

To make life easier for new members put this topic all the rules of conduct both for new enlistments, for members under observation, rules of conduct for members and rules for expulsion.

I ask all members to read and follow the rules so we can live in harmony.

New Rules for Enlistment

The rules were chosen by vote by members of [ROTA] enlistments in order to make safer and ensure that only good players are part of the Clan.

Being nominated by a member of the [ROTA] with more than 06 months of clan and (+18 age), enlistments have indicating the assessment period of 05 days.

Enlistments will be accepted without this statement but as a safety measure is an assessment period of 1 day and can be extended for up to 5 days if necessary.

Children under 18 may enroll if they have to appoint a member with more than 6 months and (+18 age) and this clan member is responsible for the acts of his appointed until the age of 18 even if the child will be expelled from the clan responsible also will be banned.

Will not accept the draft of players using cheat codes (cheat and modifications), and always made a survey to see if the player are honest.

Not have pending in forums who think the conduct of online games (pbbans) during the period of recruitment and evaluation.

Not having any kind of ban in any type of game.

Being the only player with Key (can not have more than one person using the same Key with different accounts, eg brother or cousin who use key and play with another account)

Going through an interview with a clan member in TeamSpeak to know more about the player.
Only use the clan tag after the draft to be pre-approved by a moderator or a leader of the Division.

If the player has already participated in another clan will be made a research to know the reason of departure from the previous clan.

Players who have been expelled from another clan for misconduct or disrespect dont will be accepted.

A enlistment will be answered by an admin, moderator or leader of the division within 48 hours from the date of completion.

If the recruit does not show interest in joining the clan his enlistment may be terminated without prior notice.

Assessment of New Recruits

The new members will be constantly evaluated after enlistment by the members of the [ROTA] administrators, and especially the Clan in order to always keep the clan with good players that could help the clan stay safe and maintain good reputation for over 04 years.

Evaluation Period for New Recruits

The period of assessment is to make sure that the new recruit is able to be a member of [ROTA] because we need people interested in helping the clan and play as a team with much respect.

The evaluation time for new recruits who have been appointed by a Member of [ROTA] with more than 06 months of clan is 0 day since the trial period and if the recruit dont have an indication his trial period is 1 day.
In both cases the evaluation period may be extended if necessary for up to 05 days.

If the new recruits dont show interest his enlistment will be canceled.

(Note: the extension of trial period for the recruit is for you have a problem to play and stop you from using our forum and teamspeak and or if the moderator or administrator need more time to consider the new recruits, but in both cases must be reported on the same topic of the reason for enlistment extension in the assessment period.)

After enlistment be accepted by an admin or moderator the new recruits will make an interview via TeamSpeak to know more about him, this interview will give points to the possible realization of the recruits.

Requirements for effective recruit as a member of [ROTA]

- Attendance and Participation in the Game
- Attendance and Participation in Training
- Attendance and Participation Forum
- Attendance and Participation in TeamSpeak
- Relating to the team (playing together in squad)
- Discipline (respect members of the clan)
- Changes in the Game (Badges, Ribbons, Medals, etc)

Recruit Assessment Results

After the trial period the recruiter that meet the expectations listed above will be able to be considered a member of Clan [ROTA] and may participate in the activities of the clan.
Remember that the positions won in Clan ROTA dont are lifetime and the player will dont keep order or break the rules of conduct following the rules will be expelled from the section below on expulsions.

Members of the [ROTA]

The objective of this clan is to provide fun playing or talking in a team.
Respect your fellow clan, avoid blaming one particular member of the defeats on the battlefield as a team we play all together and we are all blamed for the defeats.
Avoid disagreements with members of another clan, make the good relationship with all other clans except in extreme cases.
Suggestions are welcome to enjoy so use the forum for this.
Avoid killing the clan members and especially the members of your team during the game, if happened ask apologize, and try to explain what happened.
Try playing in the same server, teams and squads to other members.
Play as a team, "spot" enemies, according to the necessity of the game.
Use the tag Clan [ROTA] as shown below (click to enlarge)

Using the Forum
Visit the forum to see new messages and news.
Visit the forum for official confirmation of official matches and official practice and otherwise the possibility to leave the participation in them.
Communicate whenever you can not participate in any training or confrontation, always, so you will avoid penalties.
Use the forum to make complaints and suggestions, all will be heard, and we will be answered.
Keep up with the affairs of the clan.

When you need to absent from the games by any reason please make a topic in the forum to communicate, you need not give details just let everyone aware that you can not play for a period of time, so you keep your place in the clan.

Official Training and Matches
Will be marked with minimum 24 hours in advance.
Confirm your presence via forum or TeamSpeak warning an admin.
Notify the absence in advance.
Listen to the tactical of the commander or participate in this elaboration.
Obeying the orders or communicate when it is not possible.
Stay 30 minutes before in the TeamSpeak to listen the final instructions.

Using TeamSpeak
Always use teamspeak before playing. So all members can play on the same server and communicate during the game. We follow this rule very seriously, and we demand the same.
Adjust the sensitivity of your microphone on teamspeak in order to avoid external noises or sounds that may disturb the communication.
Avoid music or TV in high level in the teamspeak to dont disturb the other players.
When not playing change to the Busy or Away room, so dont disturb those who are playing and remember to always leave the microphone on mute.
If necessary leave your microphone muted so if you need to talk to anyone or answer the phone no one will hear their private conversation.


Each member has a bar for the forum and TS and will be used to mark each warning you receive.

The warnings can be applied by clan admins and moderators who will review the case before to make sure that the warning is necessary.

The warnings will be applied as follows:

The warning is just one of a verbal warning by the forum or TeamSpeak (private message).

The 2nd warning will be a BAN (ban) for 48 hours (2880 minutes), adding to 1 that it was only verbal.

The 3rd warning is a BAN (ban) for 96 hours (5760 minutes), doubling the 2, which was 48 hours.

The warning will be a 4 th BAN (ban) of 192 hours (11,520 minutes), doubled by 3 which was 96 hours.

The 5th warning will be expulsion from the clan [ROTA], banned forever.


The slot won in the [ROTA] and the positions are not occupied for lifetime. Here is some of reasons that can make a permanent expulsion of the [ROTA] member:

- To be idle for more than 30 days in the forum or TeamSpeak

- Disrespecting clan members, either via the forum, teamspeak or in game chat.

- Disrespect members of other clans, either via the forum, teamspeak or in game chat.

- Disrespecting other players, through public forums or chat in the game.

- If you list or be a member of another clan that has participation in the same games that the Clan [ROTA] and remain a member of the [ROTA].

- Practice the anti-game disturbing the progress of the game to your advantage.

- Sign up for championships and not participate in training and competitive games

- Using cheats in any games in order to gain an advantage over other players. Immediate expulsion.

- Improper Conduct in the Forum, discussions and fights between members or defaming the name of the clan.

- Misconduct in public forums, discussions and fights without respect or defaming the name of the clan.

- Dont warn administrators of long periods of absence which will result in expulsion.

That is, common sense will be responsible for maintaining the member in the team.

All cases will be analyzed, and sanctions will be applied as the decision of the Administration of [ROTA].

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General Rules of Conduct

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